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Aranuel the Spider King Book 2: The Alliance

After shockingly discovering that Aranuel, the evil eight-legged overlord, had planted something world-threatening on them during their time in his captivity, Shauna, SJ, and Mo realize they must act quickly to stop him from carrying out his master plan!

So they set out on an expedition to track down the remainder of their team of allies so that together, they can try to destroy Aranuel’s spider-spawning sacs before it’s too late! However, when drowneds, pillagers, and wicked witches come into play, reuniting their team of unlikely heroes proves to be more complicated than they expected!

Will their alliance’s intelligence, abilities, and strength be enough to get them back through the nether to stop Aranuel’s plan for world domination? Or will he manage to weave them into his tangled web one last time?

Author’s Note
Hello friends, this thrilling Minecraft adventure was first published in Amazon’s serialized reading app, Kindle Vella as episodes. This book is the first arc of the story which features episodes 17 to 33.

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