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Alex in Monsterland

Collect and create. Defeat and upgrade. Quadriland was this simple! Alex had all the rules memorized by heart. She could craft anything she wanted in a few seconds, given the resources. She has great friends. She was the richest person among them. Yes, she was a loser when it comes to fighting monsters, but that’s not really a problem because she has a house to protect her. Plus those enemies only ever come out at night anyway.

She had life figured out. Or so she thought.

Alex never saw it coming – the raging, unbeatable abomination that changed everything she thought she knew about the world. The rules started to break down. Her territory was almost collapsing to oblivion. The resources that took so much effort to mine and cultivate, all gone and depleted. She had been comfortable in her extreme hill before these monsters came her way. She was dragged out of her comfort zone by some really weird events.


Confused, weak and beaten, Alex had to find her way back home, whatever that was. All this time she thought home was the library she built block by block since she first arrived in Quadriland. But now she wasn’t so sure. Perhaps the whole world was her home. But she just felt lost without her friends. Those brave, strong people who she always strived to become.

Maybe, it’s not too late to follow in their footsteps. To find them.

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