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Adventures Through the Over World, Book Three: The Zoo in Jericho City

At long last, Steven and Emily were rescued! But their freedom will be short lived as their supposed rescuers led them to a trap that they might not be able to escape.

Steven and Emily set out for a new journey upon their rescue from the Island of Bones! Aboard the merchant ship that helped them get out of the island, they learned that the ship is on its way to deliver animals to the amazing zoo in Jericho City. They couldn’t be more happier as they were also given a chance to visit the famous city.

However, when they arrived at Jericho City, Steven and Emily weren’t ready for what was about to happen to them!

  • What secrets are to be uncovered in Jericho City?
  • Are Steven and Emily truly free from being trapped? Or they just walked into another bait?

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