A Zombie Middle School Diary (Book 5): My English Substitute Teacher

Ugh is not looking forward for the next few weeks. There’s a substitute teacher who is a super old Zombie and said to be really strict. Ugh really doubts that the new teacher is going to make their English class super exciting. 

My name is Ugh. One thing that I’m not looking forward to this month is a new substitute teacher that I heard about. He’s going to be teaching for a whole month because our normal teacher is having a baby. He’s a super old Zombie who I heard is really strict. I really doubt that he’s going to make our English class super exciting.

If it really stinks I might have to go back to my old ways of skipping class, but that’s how I ended up in summer school last time, so I’ll try my best to be cool and stay in class, but only if the teacher tries his best to be cool, too. I guess even if class is lame I’ll have a lot of other cool stuff to do.

Tibby just introduced me to one of her friends, so maybe I’ll hang out with him sometime. This month already seems crazy, especially with Halloween and the school play coming up. There’s so much going on, I just hope there’s enough room in my diary to write all about it!

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