A Zombie Middle School Diary (Book 4): My Home Economics Teacher is a Pigman

Ugh the Zombie is on his first year in middle school! He’s excited to discover the new monsters he will share his classes with and the new teachers he will have. Join him in his adventures and misadventures as a middle school student.

My name is Ugh, and I’m just about to start my first year of middle school.

This summer I had to go through some crazy summer school classes to even get to middle school. I don’t exactly have the best reputation for showing up to class, which is how I got into that situation in the first place.

This school year I’m going to work harder to do well in my classes, and to show up to them in general. Even though I don’t plan on skipping every other class that I have, I still think that this school year is going to be crazy.

I mean, I am going to a school full of monsters for teachers and students. Four of my best friends will be there to join me in everything that happens: Tibby, Snow, Will, and Grunt. I’m sure that we can do whatever we set our minds to when we stick together. I can’t help but wonder what types of monsters I’ll run into at my new middle school. All I know for sure is that I’ll have a great time no matter what comes at me!

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